J. Barrett Wolf Poet/Wordsmith
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From Boone's Dock Press:
Stark Raving Calm

Stark Raving Calm

The fine folks over at Boone's Dock Press bring you Stark Raving Calm, J. Barrett Wolf's first collection of Poetry.

"Your poetry is an open artery that bleeds out love, hope, sorrow and truths rarely told with such honest abandon - the kind that makes my own pages turn while touching the scars of your past as if they were my own. Poetry every poet should read. Caviar for the mind!" - Maria R. Palacios, Author of 'The Female King,' Publisher of Atahualpa Press

"J. Barrett Wolf is a magnificent wordsmith whose robust language leaves the reader with the experience of a life fully lived. He paints the striking visuals of his view of self and world in his quirky humor, ironic wit, and tales of what he has discovered through his adventurous spirit and a very human heart." - Poet V. Ruth Braswell, President, Limestone Dust Poetry Festival, Huntsville, AL



The Moon is Always in Transit

The Moon Is Always In Transit

Romantic poetry that touches the heart without pandering, creates deep emotion without compromise.

'Electricity rides the thread between us / Subtle urges beg for touch the way magnets / Desire north and south / The way canvas longs for inspiration and oil...' — from Dessert

'The moon is always in transit / Becoming the center of some pale universe / A jewel descending, revolving, / Whispering motion across the coal-dark sky / Amid a smattering of close and distant stars, / tugging with conviction at the enclosed sea / of the human body...' — from The Moon is Always in Transit

Earth, air, fire and water / Solid as truth, wet as oceans, / you are a fifth intrinsic element / Recombining those, and all others, / In a periodic table of your own design... — from Fool

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B I K E R   P O E T R Y

Raised by Wolves

Raised By Wolves

J. Barrett Wolf and K. Peddlar Bridges, the editors of the RoadPoet websites, share their spoken songs of the road. Grab a copy and have an adventure!

'How much is there to dream / In this soft tunnel of wind, / Oceans of air drafting hard through the leather helmet straps / Singing me into a trance / The road becomes a movie screen / Coiled backdrop against which / Flow reconsidered moments...' — from Boston Moon

I am part of a sleek object / hurtling farther in the fast lane / Looking outward / Past the realm of stillness / Into the dream of motion. — from Interstate: Dark & Light

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Rubber Side Down: The Biker Poet Anthology

Rubber Side Down: The Biker Poet Anthology

45 poets from Six Continents, including J. Barrett Wolf, Allen Ginzberg, Diane Wakowski, Martin Jack Rosenberg, Colorado T. Sky, K. Peddlar Bridges, Susan Buck, Michael Brown, Sorez the Scribe, GypsyPashn and others...

The VERY FIRST anthology of real biker poetry - by the folks who ride and write from out there on the ragged edge of the roadside.