J. Barrett Wolf Poet/Wordsmith
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Links of note...

The Broome County Arts Council - Making art, theater and literature happen in Broome County and beyond!. Sharon & Mary Jo ROCK!

River Read Books - The independent bookstore of Binghamton, NY and the home of my Monthly open mike. I say thee yay, Connie, Jane and Pat!

Limestone Dust Poetry Festival Huntsville, Alabama

Whereforearts.com - WhereforeArts.com is an online showcase of some of the finest "under-known" performing and graphic artists.

Poetworks Press - Where the anthology 'Passing' is available.

Boone's Dock Press, and Kempton Boone Van Hoff, (izzat a name or what??) Publisher of 'Stark Raving Calm'.

Josh Joffen - Old friend, Award-winning Singer-Songwriter and half of our 'Words & Music' project. Worth a listen and then some.

Copious thanks be to...

Marianela Medrano for the translation work, over and above ANY call of duty or history. Marianela is a bilingual (English/Spanish) Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Poetry Therapist with a doctorate in Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. A published poet and author, she writes in both Spanish and English. Learn more at: integraljourneys.com

More thanks are due to Judith Zweiman, writer, poet, musician par excellance, for advice and counsel, as well as whipping my bio into a publishable form.

To professional photographer — Robert Berkowitz whose RSBimageworks houses a veritable who's who of singer-songwriters and other artists, as well as Colette McCurry and Jill McKernan, all of whom came, saw and recorded my evolution with impeccable taste... and a camera.

Poet & Editor José Gouveia, who edited Rubber Side Down: The Biker Poet Anthology and has been a friend and unindicted co-conspirator for the past decade. He's also responsible for ordering the manuscript that became 'Stark Raving Calm'.

And the friends who provide comment criticism, support, praise and the occasional place to sleep whilst I journey through the realm of poetry... The Bunn Hill Poetry Workshop - (Myron, Richard, Burt, Mark and Shirley), Josh & Maya, Robert & Jacqui, Peddlar, Gypsy, Susan and Moshe..

And, finally, to you. That you are reading this makes me both grateful and humbled by your attention. Cheers!