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A Kind of Creation

     For the last open mike at Brenner's Brew, Bridgeton, NJ.

Driving all night was the perfect transition.

We explode way from a once great planet,
Dragging bits of dust and starlight,
Memory and reminiscence.

In the beginning there was the word.
It was poetry and song,
Treatise and supplication
Expressive nuance, demand, denial
And it was good, the word was good,
And it flourished.

But all universes have at their heart a fire
A core, blazing from red to blue-white until
Their nova consumes the glorious, unstable galaxy.

This has come, in its way, to us.
A world, gone evanescent
Exploding me across three states,
With Julia Alvarez and Hayden Carruth
On the floor of my Aztek,
Carrying the smallish morsels of history
Like a virus bent on replication,
To mutate into these words and other words
Glowing as a new star in a recently electrified sky.