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Interstate: Dark & Light

On a night like this
I could ride forever,
Tuned to the querulous whine
The resistance of the road
Just inches from my boots.

I am part of a sleek object
Hurtling farther in the fast lane
Looking outward
Past the dream of stillness
Into the realm of motion

There is no glass nor metal to separate
Rider from road
Barely enough skin to steel this thought
From the wind and the shadows.
We will not be stopped this night.
Bike and rider,
Ballistically inseparable from the dark.

Lights punctuate our passing
Trailers at construction sites
Ehite glow of factories
The green of signs
Blue flashes in the side-mirror
Insistent yellow warning lights
Red lights of motels
Orange construction warnings
Yellow sodium vapor lamps
Lines and arrows
Concrete and tar
Rubber gripping
The luminous city passes
We revel in
The sweet soaring taste of flight

...Then off the exit ramp
Into candelabra streets
Beneath the rail and rivet bridge
Sinking, disappearing, separating
Into light.